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idezy is the new way to prove your age in the real world. Whether you’re hitting a club or popping to the shops it's always there when you need it.

Digital proof of age

  1. Encryption We use the latest encryption standards to protect your personal information from bad guys
  2. Verification Verify your age using the app anytime, anywhere
  3. SafeID™ We have designed a digital ID card that only displays the essential info
  4. idezy miles Earn rewards for having fun and get more bang for your night out
  • Oliver - Camden ''I lost my passport on a night out in London and it became impossible to get served at clubs and bars. An app to prove your age is just what I needed.''
  • Joe - Brixton "An illuminated, enlargeable ID photo makes ‘getting it right’ a lot easier. A big step forward from a driving licence image."
  • Natalia - Soho "Forgetting your passport or driving licence can bring any good night to a stand still. Being able to access my proof of age using my phone gives me one less thing to worry about."
  • Chief Constable - Jon Stoddard "ACPO advises against the practice of carrying valuable ID such as passports for alcohol related purchases; if lost or stolen such documents can be of use to criminals as well as causing inconvenience and expense to those who have to replace them."

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